Passing out Pedometers

  1. This program includes pedometers for you and your students. These will be used in the Walk Across America program.
  2. Before you pass out the pedometer make sure to read the Pedometer Success Guide. This guide will help students understand how to use the pedometers kindly and respectfully.
  3. Clip your pedometer on your waistband and get ready to walk across America!


  1. If you received an invitation code, click the “Teacher Login” to bring up the login/registration form.
    • What’s an invitation code? An invitation code is a code that will be given to you by your school once they have registered for the program. This code allows you to create an account and can only be used one time.

Getting Started – My Classrooms

  1. Once you have confirmed your registration through your email, click the “My Classroom” tab and then “Add New Class”. Add your class name in the “Classroom Title” field and then click “Create Classroom” to finish.
    • You can add multiple classrooms if you are using this program with multiple groups of students.

My Classrooms → Record Steps

  1. Once you create your classroom you are ready to begin entering your classroom steps. When recording your classroom steps, use the total number of step your class has taken. For example, if 30 students walk 8,000 steps on 3/12/18, you would record 240,000 steps for your class on 3/12/18.
  2. For ideas and strategies on gathering classroom steps, reference the guide for Collecting Step Data.
  3. Once you have the total number of steps, enter the date, total steps and click the “Add New Entry” blue button! This will add your class steps into the dashboard and update your progress on the map!

My Classrooms → Map

  1. Click on the “Map” tab to see your progress in the “Walk Across America”!
  2. As you record steps, your location on the map will move represented by a white line. Wait for the white line to progress across the map until it stops.
  3. Each time you pass an icon, you are passing a mile marker which unlocks a lesson, project, or activity in the “Lessons” section.

My Classrooms → Lessons

  1. Click on the “Lessons” tab to see your progress unlocking the lessons in the Walk Across America! You will unlock the lessons by reaching the mile mark as your Walk Across America.
  2. For a full list of the Walk Across America landmarks, lessons, mile marks, and academic projects check out the Academic Itinerary.


  • For information about the program duration, app formulas, specifications, and feasibility, reference the Frequently Asked Questions.